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First Time Blurbs and Pitches

Ever since I finished my novel, a few weeks ago, I have been mulling over what I should do next. The task of finding an agent willing to represent me (never mind actually landing a book deal!) is rather daunting. … Continue reading

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V For Victory!!

Relevant: the first 0:44 seconds. (The rest is just for fun!) © Florence Berlioz 2015

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Letters from Far and Near

It is my considered opinion that nature intended man to hibernate throughout the months of January and February, only awakening around the ides of March, when spring sunshine sets the raindrops sparkling and everything is young and fresh and green … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Dilettante

     Another year has come and gone, without my quite knowing how. People have been announcing their New Year’s resolutions left, right, and centre for more than a week now, but somehow I am always taken unawares by the advent of … Continue reading

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Book Launch in St Germain

     Lauren Elkin’s debut novel Une année à Venise (English title Floating Cities) is coming out in France today and I’ve been invited to the book launch this evening. As those who have been following my Facebook and Twitter accounts … Continue reading

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Midnight Melodrama

     It’s midnight and I’m utterly alone, for once. So write! My conscience tells me, before daylight and daylight concerns return to steal time away. I have an unfinished manuscript waiting on the shelf, sticking out from between a recipe … Continue reading

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Will I, Won’t I?

     On the rare occasions when I discuss my writing with new acquaintances, one of the questions they inevitably end up asking me is “So have you published anything yet?” To which I have always been obliged to answer with … Continue reading

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