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Creating a Character Bible

     Yesterday, my brother took the train down to the south-west for a few weeks’ well-earned holiday, leaving me to the pleasures of uninterrupted solitude. No slur intended upon my brother, but I always find the day of his departure … Continue reading

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Creative Writing Seminar with Olive Senior

     Yesterday I attended my first ever creative writing workshop, coordinated by Jamaican author Olive Senior. I had never heard of Olive Senior before – by her own admission, she is a rather marginal writer – which was perhaps just … Continue reading

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The Art of Writing Letters

     Yesterday, I came across an article called “Ten Rules For Writing Fiction”, published in the Guardian on 20th February 2010, in which a dozen or so well-known authors such as Helen Dunmore, P. D. James, Esther Freud, Richard Ford, … Continue reading

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