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Of Shoes, and Ships, and Sealing Wax, Of Cabbages, and Kings

I am supposed to be saving up for my trip to Italy this July. Ha ha, isn’t that a joke! There I was yesterday, minding my own business, reading Lytton Strachey’s Biographical Essays and finishing up my lunch, when I … Continue reading

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Typewriter Fever

Saturday 1st March. Eleven thirty on a bright, chilly morning, in one of the seedier suburbs of Paris. Peeling billboards, a graffitied bus shelter, and massive façades of dismal grey concrete. A car parked on the curb, the open trunk … Continue reading

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Che Cosa è Amor?

     When both your brothers are dating pianists and one of them is a pianist himself, there’s bound to be a lot of music in your life. That suits me to a T: when they all start discussing concerts, competitions, … Continue reading

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Book Launch in St Germain

     Lauren Elkin’s debut novel Une année à Venise (English title Floating Cities) is coming out in France today and I’ve been invited to the book launch this evening. As those who have been following my Facebook and Twitter accounts … Continue reading

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The Happy Land of Tea and Books

     “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C. S. Lewis      In December, I promised you all a post on tea and books. I had just come across Birgit’s … Continue reading

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Music in the Woods

     As those who read my last post are aware, I have not been in the highest of spirits of late. I took the train home from university the other night with my morale situated somewhere about the level of … Continue reading

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Summer Writing Quarters

     I hope no-one will judge me solely by the number of reviews I have (not) published these past few weeks! If one were to do that, it would indeed be fairly easy to assume that I have spent the … Continue reading

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