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When the Poets Speak

     I finally satisfied my desire for poetry, though the two (very different) volumes I ordered have nothing to do with the Confederation Poets I so eagerly looked for a few weeks ago.      Alfred Edward Housman (1859-1936) was the … Continue reading

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The Great God Pan, by Arthur Machen (1894)

          Those of you who read my post on the Greek god Pan will remember that I mentioned the influence of Greek mythology upon writers in England towards the end of the nineteenth century, and in particular, the fascination … Continue reading

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Did you know… the origin of the word “panic”?

     There is a wonderfully expressive colloquialism in French that goes: “Je me coucherai moins bête ce soir!” which literally translates as “I’ll be going to bed less stupid tonight!”, i.e. I’ve learned something since waking up this morning. Two … Continue reading

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