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The Nightwood, by Robin Muller (1991)

     Oh dear, oh dear. It’s been ages since I posted a book review. Somehow January and February slipped by without my noticing, and March seems set on following their lead. Oops. And yet it seems like only yesterday that … Continue reading

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The Death of Lyndon Wilder and the Consequences Thereof, by E. A. Dineley (2013)

     Ridley Hall used to be a prosperous, well-maintained property, but since the death of the heir, Lieutenant Lyndon Wilder, far away on a Spanish battlefield, the house has stood shuttered and silent, and the estate has fallen into neglect. Bowed down … Continue reading

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Love Letters from Rossetti

     Today, as many of you know, is World Poetry Day. I spent quite some time today wondering which poet I would choose to commemorate but I couldn’t make up my mind. Then, this evening, as I was sipping a glass … Continue reading

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Che Cosa è Amor?

     When both your brothers are dating pianists and one of them is a pianist himself, there’s bound to be a lot of music in your life. That suits me to a T: when they all start discussing concerts, competitions, … Continue reading

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RLRW Day 1: Rosamond Lehmann, the Eternal Outsider

           Rosamond Lehmann (1901-1990) is probably best remembered for her portrayal of women in love. Of women unhappily in love, more often than not. Dusty Answer, Lehmann’s first novel, sets the tone for all her subsequent works: Judith Earle’s … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

     In case anybody hasn’t been paying attention, today is Valentine’s Day. Though I am loth to participate in large commercial events and add my share to today’s surplus of kitsch offerings and honeyed sentiments, I nevertheless cannot pass up … Continue reading

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The Novel in the Viola, by Natasha Solomons (2011)

          Elise Landau is almost eighteen yet in many ways she is still a child – a happy, cosseted, carefree child. But Vienna in 1937 is on the brink of momentous change and the fabric of Elise’s privileged childhood … Continue reading

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