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A Friend, a Book, and a Garden

The first ever Festival of Garden Literature opened yesterday in Hertfordshire. Ever since I got wind of this event, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I can’t quite understand why it has taken so long for a … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers

     The last thing I felt like doing today was going out to teach. Apart from the fact that my pupil is a spoilt, sullen fourteen-year-old boy who practises insolence far more than he ever does his English conjugations, the … Continue reading

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Gardening with Old Roses, by John Scarman (1996)

          I’ve been doing a great deal of gardening lately. I am always amused at the contrast between my city and my country incarnations: in Paris, I never leave the flat without jewellery, carefully applied lipstick, and high heels … Continue reading

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