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James Herriot Country

And so, another school year is under way. While I did not relish sitting through endless, tedious start-of-term meetings, and bidding adieu to mornings in bed is proving to be a wrench, it has been fun catching up with colleagues … Continue reading

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A Friend, a Book, and a Garden

The first ever Festival of Garden Literature opened yesterday in Hertfordshire. Ever since I got wind of this event, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I can’t quite understand why it has taken so long for a … Continue reading

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Rose Cottage, by Mary Stewart (1997)

          I’ve been more than a little distracted of late, what with marking midterms, moving into a new flat and getting used to a new neighbourhood, and most recently, cajoling my new dog, an adorable but seriously traumatised little … Continue reading

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Miss Hargreaves, by Frank Baker (1939)

          Creative thought creates. Such is the simple principle on which is built Miss Hargreaves. And twenty-three year-old Norman Huntley has always had a strong creative streak: as a child, he was constantly inventing wild stories to get himself … Continue reading

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Miss Webster and Chérif, by Patricia Duncker (2006)

          I read Miss Webster and Chérif back in July but then got a little side-tracked by family life and holiday activities and never got around to reviewing it, which is a pity, because the book is well worth … Continue reading

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The Children’s Book, by A. S. Byatt (2010)

          June 1895. In the lantern-strung garden of Todefright, the Wellwoods’ Kentish home, guests gather for authoress Olive Wellwood’s annual Midsummer’s Party. Among them are Major Prosper Cain, a curator of what will one day become the Victoria and … Continue reading

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When the Poets Speak

     I finally satisfied my desire for poetry, though the two (very different) volumes I ordered have nothing to do with the Confederation Poets I so eagerly looked for a few weeks ago.      Alfred Edward Housman (1859-1936) was the … Continue reading

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