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Remembering Will

Yesterday, the Globe Theatre in London asked its Twitter followers which words from Shakespeare had always stuck with them and which quotes inspired them. It’s the sort of question that lights a gleam in my eye – a speculative, ruminative, … Continue reading

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Christmas with Judi Dench

It was in the Slightly Foxed December newsletter that I first saw mention of this wonderful CD. “Given for Christmas” is a selection of Christmas-themed prose and poetry, read by a stellar cast of British actors and recorded at St … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Sorrow

The Irish poet Seamus Heaney died yesterday at the age of 74. My regrettable lack of curiosity with regard to contemporary poetry means that I am – to my shame – only now discovering Heaney’s work. I have spent the … Continue reading

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Love Letters from Rossetti

     Today, as many of you know, is World Poetry Day. I spent quite some time today wondering which poet I would choose to commemorate but I couldn’t make up my mind. Then, this evening, as I was sipping a glass … Continue reading

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The Song of Wandering Aengus, by W. B. Yeats (1899)

     While everybody has been focusing on chocolate these past few days, I confess I was still thinking about apples (that said, there were two large sachets of Easter eggs on my fridge yesterday which are significantly lighter today).      … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

     In case anybody hasn’t been paying attention, today is Valentine’s Day. Though I am loth to participate in large commercial events and add my share to today’s surplus of kitsch offerings and honeyed sentiments, I nevertheless cannot pass up … Continue reading

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A Smugglers’ Song, by Rudyard Kipling (1906)

      Here’s a poem my mother used to read to me when I was growing up – she’ll still read it to me, actually, if I ask her nicely! In my mind, Kipling is mainly associated with India, Mowgli, and … Continue reading

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