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Nicomedes, by Pierre Corneille (1658)

2nd century B.C. Rome’s enemies are falling one  by one. The great Hannibal is dead and there is no-one left to prevent Rome from stretching its greedy fingers out towards Asia Minor and the kingdom of Bithynia. King Prusias is … Continue reading

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Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume, by Silvena Rowe (2010)

     The evenings are drawing in and all of a sudden it is chilly enough to start wearing jackets and scarves again. Autumn is a particularly beautiful season so I don’t mind – the only thing that gets me down … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Sorrow

The Irish poet Seamus Heaney died yesterday at the age of 74. My regrettable lack of curiosity with regard to contemporary poetry means that I am – to my shame – only now discovering Heaney’s work. I have spent the … Continue reading

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The Death of Lyndon Wilder and the Consequences Thereof, by E. A. Dineley (2013)

     Ridley Hall used to be a prosperous, well-maintained property, but since the death of the heir, Lieutenant Lyndon Wilder, far away on a Spanish battlefield, the house has stood shuttered and silent, and the estate has fallen into neglect. Bowed down … Continue reading

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Love Letters from Rossetti

     Today, as many of you know, is World Poetry Day. I spent quite some time today wondering which poet I would choose to commemorate but I couldn’t make up my mind. Then, this evening, as I was sipping a glass … Continue reading

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When in Rome, by Nicky Pellegrino (2012)

     Rome has been very much in the public eye these past few days, what with all the goings-on in the Sistine Chapel. It needed not the dramatic abdication of one pope and the election of another, however, for my … Continue reading

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Che Cosa è Amor?

     When both your brothers are dating pianists and one of them is a pianist himself, there’s bound to be a lot of music in your life. That suits me to a T: when they all start discussing concerts, competitions, … Continue reading

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