Did you know… academics are geeks?

     A fellow Ph.D student showed me this a few months ago during a particularly boring seminar (picture the two of us at the back of the room, sniggering away as unobtrusively as possible, while the lecturer droned on about… I don’t remember what). I found it among my papers the other day and it made me chuckle again, so here it is – for all to see just how little it takes to amuse an academic…


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I love books - buying books, reading books, discussing books, and generally admiring them from all angles (except the e-book). I also love tea, roses, and my dogs, and seldom pass up an opportunity to slip them into the conversation.
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6 Responses to Did you know… academics are geeks?

  1. I’m not surprised you chuckled at that, I think it’s great. Ticks all my boxes – just a shame I’m not a a PhD student!

  2. Harriet says:

    This is funny and so true. The yellow slice certainly played a huge part in my own decision — I hated, and still hate, Mrs or Ms.

  3. parrish lantern says:

    Made me smile, thanks in return..

    Minister for Exams
    When I was a child I sat an exam.
    This test was so simple
    There was no way i could fail.

    Q1. Describe the taste of the Moon.

    It tastes like Creation I wrote,
    it has the flavour of starlight.

    Q2. What colour is Love?

    Love is the colour of the water a man
    lost in the desert finds, I wrote.

    Q3. Why do snowflakes melt?

    I wrote, they melt because they fall
    on to the warm tongue of God.

    There were other questions.
    They were as simple.

    I described the grief of Adam
    when he was expelled from Eden.
    I wrote down the exact weight of
    an elephant’s dream

    Yet today, many years later,
    For my living I sweep the streets
    or clean out the toilets of the fat

    Why? Because constantly I failed
    my exams.
    Why? Well, let me set a test.

    Q1. How large is a child’s
    Q2. How shallow is the soul of the
    Minister for exams?
    Brian Patten

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