Miss Darcy Celebrates

     One year ago yesterday, I posted my very first review on Miss Darcy’s Library. To be honest, I would never have thought of starting a blog if a very dear friend had not suggested it and encouraged me throughout the initial tentative, apprehension-filled phases. Neither of us had any idea how to go about it but we had the greatest fun discussing all the options and emails flew back and forth across the Atlantic as we came up with new ideas.

     I was very ambitious for my new blog – perhaps overly so. My first goal was to create a book club where I could discuss books with like-minded people the way I had always wanted to. But, inspired by the circle of the French Romantics, I also wished to open up the conversation to artists and musicians, inviting reflection on the many rich connections which exist between words, sounds, and images. Perhaps I did indeed bite off more than I could chew. At any rate, I quickly decided to focus on the written word for the time being.

     In this, I hope I have been successful. I have taken great pleasure in sharing my readings with my handful of loyal followers, and writing my reviews has certainly helped to clarify my thoughts and deepen my understanding of the books in question. I have tried to be as varied as possible in my choices while staying true to my natural inclinations, and have reviewed only those books which I deemed well-written and worth passing on. My reading diet has included time-honoured classics as well as forgotten works, prize-winning contemporary works as well as lesser-known titles I have picked up out of curiosity. I hope to have only rarely been pedantic or trite, to have been original sometimes, and to have led my readers to more than one happy discovery!

     Though my original project was too vast, I have nonetheless allowed myself to digress occasionally, slipping in a childhood memory, a description of my family home, or an account of an evening out at the opera among the book lists and reviews. All of these digressions have been linked, in some way or another, to the world of books, and so I do not think I need apologize for them. In fact, those who like to be forewarned may already take note that, among other things, I am planning to digress on the subject of tea in the very near future…

     While books will remain the main focus of my blog, in the future I am thinking of including more posts on writing, in the hope that I will be inspired to take my novel out of the drawer where it has been languishing and actually get some work done on it. For surely it is only fitting that the words of others should fire one with creative energy oneself?!

     There is still a lot of work to put into this blog before it even begins to resemble what I have in mind, but all in all, this year has been an encouraging one, and my interest has by no means waned with the passing of time. On the contrary, the more I think about it, the more enthusiastic I become and the more ideas I have running riot in my head. So a big thank you to my friend for pitching the idea to me in the first place, and to my readers for your comments and support. You all make Miss Darcy’s Library what it is and I look forward to many more exchanges!  

© Florence Berlioz 2011


About Miss Darcy's Library

I love books - buying books, reading books, discussing books, and generally admiring them from all angles (except the e-book). I also love tea, roses, and my dogs, and seldom pass up an opportunity to slip them into the conversation.
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8 Responses to Miss Darcy Celebrates

  1. limr says:

    Happy Blogaversary! I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed your journey here as I have traveled on my own as well. I know what you mean about starting out with a focus and then diverging from it on occasion. I did the same thing, setting out to focus on language and literature, but then venturing into some teaching and musing as well. In fact – and you’re the first to know (after my boyfriend, anyway) – that I’m starting a second blog to accommodate the writing I want to do that can’t be forced into a language-related issue. It will, among other things, absorb my photo blog that has been woefully neglected these past months.

    I’ve loved your writing since the first post I read way back when I found you after my “Cat Says Hello” post. You were one of the first loyal readers and commentors and I’m grateful that we’re both still on this blog adventure! I’m looking forward to your tea diversion and more forays into more areas 🙂

    • Thank you Leonore! Your comments have been amongst those I’ve looked forward to most these past months – and your posts! I’m so pleased to hear about the new blog: I found your photographs most interesting and have missed seeing them. And I can’t wait to see what you will write!
      Bon courage, as we say over here, and à bientôt!

  2. Congratulations on your first year, Florence! For me, the most interesting blogs are the ones where you learn more about the blogger than just what his or her book tastes are, where you get a real sense of the person, and I think you do an amazing job of that. Whatever direction you take the blog in, I’ll be excited to read it. For now, I’m quite looking forward to your thoughts on tea!

    • Thank you Claire! I’m so glad you have enjoyed reading my blog! It’s still very small and modest compared to yours, so I’m all the more flattered that you should take the time to stop by from time to time!

  3. Anbolyn says:

    Congrats, Florence! I’ve truly enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it a few months ago. Your thoughts on the books you read are so thoughtful and intelligent – I’m sure whatever subject you write about will be wonderful to read!

  4. Sarah Lee says:

    Hi Florence, an artistic exchange sounds like a good idea for a blog! I have yet to set up mine re. my PhD research & other interests. Will let you know then! LOL Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – hope it’s going to be a fantastic one with the blog! *:)

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