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When the Poets Speak

     I finally satisfied my desire for poetry, though the two (very different) volumes I ordered have nothing to do with the Confederation Poets I so eagerly looked for a few weeks ago.      Alfred Edward Housman (1859-1936) was the … Continue reading

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Summer Writing Quarters

     I hope no-one will judge me solely by the number of reviews I have (not) published these past few weeks! If one were to do that, it would indeed be fairly easy to assume that I have spent the … Continue reading

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Wildfire at Midnight, by Mary Stewart (1956)

          Those who follow this blog may recall that a few months ago I wrote a very favourable review of Mary Stewart’s Madam, Shall We Talk? Indeed, I enjoyed it so much that I lost no time in ordering … Continue reading

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Gardening with Old Roses, by John Scarman (1996)

          I’ve been doing a great deal of gardening lately. I am always amused at the contrast between my city and my country incarnations: in Paris, I never leave the flat without jewellery, carefully applied lipstick, and high heels … Continue reading

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