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The Art of Writing Letters

     Yesterday, I came across an article called “Ten Rules For Writing Fiction”, published in the Guardian on 20th February 2010, in which a dozen or so well-known authors such as Helen Dunmore, P. D. James, Esther Freud, Richard Ford, … Continue reading

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An Accomplished Woman, by Jude Morgan (2007)

          Easter found me in the country this year. The delights of urban life were beginning to pall somewhat after several months’ uninterrupted enjoyment of pollution, city smells, and peak hour crushes in the metro, so I decided to … Continue reading

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The Great God Pan, by Arthur Machen (1894)

          Those of you who read my post on the Greek god Pan will remember that I mentioned the influence of Greek mythology upon writers in England towards the end of the nineteenth century, and in particular, the fascination … Continue reading

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Did you know… the meaning of “Rosa mundi”?

     It all began with the word rosarian. A week ago, I was flipping through the pages of my latest purchase, when there it was, in the short biographical description of the author. Among other things, it seemed the novelist … Continue reading

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